A Collaborative Approach to More Effective, Efficient Education

Our goal is to transform higher ed and the way students learn

Where Higher Education Meets Silicon Valley

Born from the University of Maryland Global Campus (formerly UMUC) Office of Technology—America’s largest online public university—AccelerEd brings our clients the talent, expertise, and knowledge of that legacy.

Why AccelerEd?

Backed by seven decades of higher ed experience, AccelerEd understands the challenges you face—from increases in cost and competition to shifts in student needs.

Today, we are 200 people strong—and growing. We have deep expertise in higher education with key talent who have been leaders within the field. We focus on service excellence, strategic growth, and technical innovation student needs.

A Collaborative Approach to More Effective, Efficient Education

Our goal is to transform higher ed and the way students learn.

We provide technology and consulting services that span the higher education lifecycle. Whether coordinating full system integration and migration or developing digital strategy and modernization, we are committed to improving education delivery.

AccelerEd Cloud Services

Educator Designed. Student Focused. Cloud Enabled.

AccelerEd Cloud Services deliver hands-on, real world experiences directly to your students via an integrated and immersive virtual classroom that is accessible anywhere, anytime.

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    Today’s higher education students are diverse, mobile, and online. The stakes for higher ed have never been higher. Institutions must deliver accessible, integrated, real-world experiences. AccelerEd Cloud Services deliver virtual Windows computers with the applications that students need, accessible from anywhere; stream costly or computing intensive applications to save money for your students and your institution; and offer virtual lab environments for secure and sophisticated simulations.


Chatbot/Artificial Intelligence

24/7 conversational AI via chat, SMS, and Microsoft Teams

Take the intelligent self-help tool to the next level with AccelerEd AI. The A I-enabled chatbot offers efficient, personalized engagement for students while providing valuable training and resources for frontline staff.

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    It’s no secret that universities are complex and students need help at all hours. AccelerEd AI delivers a scalable 24/7 solution—a “super advisor”—that can answer students’ questions on any topic across the university quickly and inexpensively. The bot’s features can also be expanded to aid student-facing staff.


User Experience

Understanding user behavior to create an exceptional experience

AccelerEd UX facilitates cross-functional collaboration that delivers valuable insights needed to create a user-centric experience that meets your audiences where they are.

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    Meeting staff or students where they are, AccelerEd UX drives operational efficiencies that deliver a more intuitive user experience and higher value interactions. It’s not about automation for the sake of automating. It’s about helping an institution understand and focus on their differentiators to improve the overall student experience. It’s the beginning of the digital transformation process.


Change Management

Managing change through people - not people through change

AccelerEd Change Management integrates people early in the change effort to increase confidence in vision, enhance communication, accelerate results, and build upon the long-term benefits.

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    Tailored for higher ed, AccelerEd Change Management helps identify and support the activities required to support a smooth transition for operational and technology-related initiatives. We work with you to partner with leadership, identify stakeholders, and prepare your change strategy. From there, we execute the change strategy through ongoing communications and outreach to promote adoption and achieve success.


Digital Transformation

Comprehensive IT modernization to evolve, innovate, and advance

From consulting and strategy to implementation and managed services, AccelerEd Digital Transformation enables institutions to rapidly evolve using state-of-the art technologies.

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    Modernizing technology at a higher ed institution is never easy. Innovation takes vision, effective project and change management, and ultimately, persuasion of stakeholders to trust your direction. That’s where we come in. AccelerEd Digital Transformation enables institutions to evolve rapidly—offering individual system implementations as well as full-scale enterprise modernizations—using technology and solutions optimized for higher ed.


Client Spotlight

In higher education today, almost every institution is looking at its business model, and those who are not should be doing that.

Javier Miyares, President


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